Chasing Vixen



"You've got the face of a Sunlit sky... won't you let me hang around and steal a little light?" - Cop and Robber


"Your life is a Broken Fairytale, filled up with all your lies and schemes. Waiting for someone to save you, and turn your nightmares into dreams…" - Broken Fairytale

“It’ll be fine, just fine… Every little thing will fall right into place this time. This time, I’ve gotta go, gotta go, go at a different pace…” - Fine




#Catch the Vixen


Chasing Vixen is an Indie Pop Duo from Greenville, South Carolina. Their sound draws from their influence of rock n’ roll, soul, folk, and Hip-hop. Their live show is energetic, engaging, and full of fantasy.

The lead singers Justyn Fox and Haley Herauf have extensive musical backgrounds. Justyn attended Clemson University to study Production Studies in the Performing Arts, in addition to receiving this degree, he received minors in jazz guitar and music theory. Haley has been a part of Theatrical productions, multiple choir ensembles, is classically trained in music, and received her degree in Business Management. Both have been songwriting for 10+ years, and have the ability to perform on multiple instruments and in many styles and genres of music.

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Streaming on all platforms

Chasing Vixen is now streaming on all platforms. Popular favorites include Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube. More new music is on the way soon! Check out some crowd favorites below…